‘Listen to your heart, it may be on your left but it’s always right’ ❤️

Simple quote but so true! Go by this and you should always make the right decision.


What’s your goals?

What’s your goals?

One of mine is to learn to drive! Now for me this is hard, I should of done it 7 years ago, then I wouldn’t be so scared now!

As soon as I get in the car, I have clammy hands, my heart feels like it’s going to come out my chest! Or i will just burst into tears!

I just don’t know how I get through the lesson…my instructor goes that was a great lesson!! & I’m saying ‘really, because I have no idea how I just got over that roundabout’?!

Apparently confidence will just grow and come to me! Really?! I don’t know when I will feel confident of being in control of a metal tin on the road?!? When there are other metal tins aswell!!!

I suppose it’s okay if I make mistakes now because I have an instructor that can help me. But what happens when (or should I say if) i pass and I freak out or don’t want to do it anymore? I can’t just let go of the wheel and wait for someone to help me!!!

I’d really be interested in how you get the confidence in a car?! So if any of you have any tips for me, I need them!

Genuine smiles.

You know those days where you want to do better? Be organised? Get more sleep? Get fitter? Get your life in order!

I always have those days…I think I shall go to bed earlier so I’m well rejuvenated for the next day. Then I will wake up, go to work, go for a run, be sociable, read a book, get organised all with a smile on my face.

But no.

I wake up tired as if I haven’t slept! Do my day, finish and then go back to sleep! Most days I have a smile, some days I have a forced smile, some a genuine. Those genuine days are what counts & why you need to keep going.. keep on doing your days. Surround yourself with good people, good vibes!

That’s what counts in life. Genuine smiles

I did it!


Do you ever want to get away? Just jump on that plane and say take me anywhere? As long as there is sun, sea and sand!

I have just got back from Thailand and I would recommend anyone to go there!!! The way of life is different, you really forget your troubles! I ticked off so many bucket list items:-

-zip wiring ✅ -paragliding ✅ -washing elephants ✅ -trekking with elephants ✅ -stroking tigers ✅ -jetsking ✅  and lots, lots more!

Don’t get me wrong before I did any of these things I was bricking it! Clammy hands, saying ‘no no I can’t’ ! Nearly, nearly chickened out! But then I pushed my self & made myself do them…am I glad I did?


Not only did I have fun, I also felt proud of myself for putting myself out of my comfort zone, and completing what I was so so anxious about! I was able to stand there with a big grin & say yes I did it! I pushed and pushed and it paid off!

That feeling is the best!

Sometimes in life we let our anxiety hold us back. We can’t help it, it takes over! It’s awful when you don’t do something because of it. You feel stupid, hopeless and you beat yourself up because why did you let it win?!

Lets all try and do something not every day but every week, that is hard for you but you’ve wanted to do for a while and keep putting off ! Whether it’s going to see a friend for a drink, going for a run, seeing some live music, playing a sport… anything, just so you can say at the end ‘yes, I did it, well done me’!

Did you do today?

What have you done today?

Some times just getting out of bed is an achievement, washing your hair, getting dressed! When you feel like you just want to hibernate and never leave your bed! It’s hard! But something in you makes you keep going…that fire and determination! So you do. Get up. Have a shower. Get dressed. Then you get to the door and see the outside world, you then want to scream ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ I’m going to cancel today please! Not today! Maybe tomorrow?

That fire though makes you leave, that feeling deep inside you that you want to keep going,  you will do today, you will do this, it’s just your anxiety that is stopping you. So you go and do your day! It may go good and you think ‘ I liked today what was I even worried about’? However some days you will do everything you need to do. Then run home to bed and hide.

That’s ok.

Well done for getting up and going to work! You done it!

Now tomorrow….

My first blog

Starting a blog is scary! All i am thinking is … how do i get my thoughts out? Do they make sense? what shall i put? Can i spell?!

But here goes. My thoughts on paper! I have wanted to do this for a while. My thoughts and dreams all out there for you to read and hopefully enjoy! Some might not make sense or be a bit mad! But aren’t we all a bit like that?!

We go to work, we come home, we look forward to holidays and the weekend! Is this it? Is that what happens forever? Well i want to do a bit more than that!!

Well i shall leave it there for the first one… look forward to a second!!!