I feel pretty! Spoiler!!

*Spoiler alert*

Girls!! You NEED to watch ‘I feel pretty’ i went to see it last night and it is amazing! A real inspirational film. It made me feel so empowered! I think every girl feels the way she does at the beginning of the film, you see all those model looking girls who we think are ‘perfect’ and have happy lives! When actually they are just like us and our looking around thinking the same! When she is doing her hair trying to follow the video…haven’t we all done that? Well we have tried!! And i have most certainly failed!

It is a comedy with all the jokes included but deep down has a sad, real message about insecurities and anxiety. Amy Schumer portrays her character perfectly! A great mixture of funny with serious.

I cried at the end of the film! Actually had tears streaming down my face in the cinema! When she realises she has always looked the same way and achieved so much more not because of the way she looked but the way she held herself! She oozed confidence, because she felt good in herself and when she did,  no-one could tell her different.

In other words its not how people see you, its how you see yourself!!

We are all beautiful in our own way! We need to take a bit of Renee and put it in our lives!


Happy birthday

Some days you have bad days. Some days you have good days. Some days you have alright, i’m just plodding along, days.

Today is a hard day.

Not a bad day, nothing has gone wrong, just certain days in the year where its an anniversary or a birthday of a loved one who is no longer around.

Yeah today is one of them.

They suck.

You want to remember them but how? How can you celebrate when they’re no longer around? You go to the grave but realistically its a patch of grass. Well thats sometimes what i think. But i do feel closer there. Do you guys?

It is just a meh old day!

What is the best way of remembering someone? You write a letter, telling them how you feel, little thoughts that you’d tell them if they were here. What you would want to do with them, if they were still here. Plans that you have done recently that you know they would love to hear about. You would probably get them a daft old magnet that they would put on the pride of place on their fridge.

You just hope that some where out there, they are still celebrating their birthday!

Well i will look up at the moon tonight and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And just hope you hear me.


‘Life is like a sandwich..’

Just seen a quote which I think is brilliant!

‘Life is like a sandwich, you have to fill it’

I chuckled as I walked by and it’s stuck in my head since!

It’s true! A sandwich with nothing in it is pretty awful, plain, boring! Doesn’t get your taste buds going! The same as life. We have to fill our days, weeks as much as we can! Do different adventures, try new things, get out and about! Just so you fill it with people you love and do things you love with them!

Brilliant quote!


I am currently sat in a waiting room full of people waiting for blood tests. You come in and take a number and find a seat…like one big long queue! This is where you realise you’re just a number.

Looking around the room, there is all sorts of people, old, young, male, female. Some people look really poorly, some people look well. But we all have one thing in common, we are waiting!

Waiting for somebody to call our number, not know our history, and take our blood! I hate it! I feel so powerless and weak! That’s my blood your shooting down that hole! Now I’m carrying on with my day with a couple of pots less!!!

I wonder what these peoples stories are! Where are they from, I wonder why they’re having blood tests. Are they really poorly? Some people look sad, some are smiling, or at least trying to smile!

Oh got to go they’ve called me. No.36 I am known as.

Lesson dilemma

So just got back from my driving lesson. Did it go well?
Well it depends on what you think, am i ready to pass? No. Did i do it with no mistakes? No. Did he have to help me at some point? Yes.

But did i try? Yes.

And that is the most important thing! You have to try to learn and get better! Otherwise how else can i? I have wanted to quit so many times and i think ‘why’? It is because it is so hard and that would be the easy option.

I only had a couple of blip moments. And i felt like i never want to drive again but they’re only minor things and the more i do it the less those minor things will bother me!

The positives out way the negatives though, how good do i feel when i go over a roundabout and change the gears, etc, correctly. Or when i do a manoeuvre without needing help. I am smiling from ear to ear and then i am excited! That feeling makes me want to keep going!

I can’t wait until i can get in the car and drive without worrying about anything because ‘i know this’ ‘i know what to do’!

I will do it! Hopefully by the end of 2020!!!!!

person withe bracelets holding black steering wheel
Photo by Omar Etman on Pexels.com

Brighten somebody’s day

Just been for a long walk in the sunshine & was thinking… you really don’t know what is going on in people’s lives, that person you’ve just walked by could be going through the hardest thing they have ever gone through!

Or that person who didn’t say thank you or push past you quickly, may actually not be being rude, could just have something so big on their mind that they didn’t even realise!

Please make sure you smile at people, say hello. That’s it. Because that might be the only smile they see for a long time! And that little chat you have with someone whilst waiting for the bus or walking your dog. It’ll just be ‘hi, oh the weathers lovely today isn’t it’ or ‘ traffic is a night mare today, can’t wait to get home’ might mean nothing to you but everything to them. Could be the only conversation they’ve had in a long time.

You could brighten somebody’s day! Make them a little bit happier! And not so lonely!


white and black mattress fronting the mountain
Photo by wayX on Pexels.com

How great is bed?

…just a simple thing but isn’t it good? If I’m feeling sad, bed. If I’m feeling ill, bed. If I want to escape, bed. If I want to chill, bed.

You can do anything you want to it and it will always be there!

‘The best hello and the worst goodbye’

Sometimes it’s hard to pull your self away from it, the safety of it. You wake up and think ‘ do I need this job’ yes I do!

However there are people out there who don’t have the simple privilege of a bed! Some people would love to be able to get out of bed. But can’t! Some people’s bed isn’t a fluffy pillow and a mattress!

Think about what we have, and if you have a bed, enjoy it!

Royal wedding!

Happy royal wedding day!!! I’m excited for this… it makes everyone come together, everyone’s talking about it! A Nice, warm feeling!

A lot of people moan about it, the money spent blah blah blah. They forget everything the royal family do, do for us!

Why can’t people just be positive and realise no matter who they are, they are two people in love getting married! Let’s wish them well!


What’s your goals?

What’s your goals?

One of mine is to learn to drive! Now for me this is hard, I should of done it 7 years ago, then I wouldn’t be so scared now!

As soon as I get in the car, I have clammy hands, my heart feels like it’s going to come out my chest! Or i will just burst into tears!

I just don’t know how I get through the lesson…my instructor goes that was a great lesson!! & I’m saying ‘really, because I have no idea how I just got over that roundabout’?!

Apparently confidence will just grow and come to me! Really?! I don’t know when I will feel confident of being in control of a metal tin on the road?!? When there are other metal tins aswell!!!

I suppose it’s okay if I make mistakes now because I have an instructor that can help me. But what happens when (or should I say if) i pass and I freak out or don’t want to do it anymore? I can’t just let go of the wheel and wait for someone to help me!!!

I’d really be interested in how you get the confidence in a car?! So if any of you have any tips for me, I need them!