Ho, ho, ho

7 weeks today until Christmas!!!!! 7!!!!!! That is mad.

Shops are already playing Christmas music, the displays are up, lights are being turned on! It is all very quick! People will begin rushing around, spending money they haven’t got on people they don’t really know just because they feel they ‘should’.

A lot of preparation of buying presents, the food, cooking, decorations. All for one day! One 24 hour day! I feel we all need to take a step back and just because some-one hasn’t bought you a fancy, expensive, all bells ringing, gift doesn’t mean they don’t like you or care about you, could just be because they simply haven’t got the money and instead we should appreciate the thought, and maybe meet up for a coffee. Or pick up the phone instead of spending lots and never actually seeing the person!

It is hard in this day and age though, we have adverts, social media, television, shops all saying spend, spend, spend!!! And we feel like we have to, there is no other choice! But i don’t know about you i would much rather have a chilled, happy Christmas spending time with people who i love and care about and that they do me, rather than anything else! After all who wants to waste their time in a boiling hot shop, sweating in their winter coat?!

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