Catch up

I haven’t posted in a while!

This is for a number or reasons, one being my spare time went into revising for my theory test & guess what?

It was worth it because I passed! I passed first time! I am so proud of myself because it’s one step closer to my goal! Proves that if you want something so bad, you put your mind to it and knuckle down you can do it!

I’ve also been so tired… our lives are one big routine, get up, go to work, do our chores, daily tasks & it’s bedtime. The alarm comes round too quickly and then it’s back to it again! I have been finding this hard recently, I’m exhausted. The other day I actually slept for 17 hours!!!! How is that possible?! I literally hibernated, went under the covers and didn’t come back up! It’s okay to have times like that though, I just hope it doesn’t frequently happen!

I will get back into posting my dizzy thoughts 💭

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