Just watched a video about someone saying ‘Follow your dreams’. He is saying if you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t like where you live, move. If you haven’t seen something you would like to do, do it. If you want to change your whole life tomorrow, that is fine.

But isn’t there one thing stopping you from all those things? Money!

I can’t afford to change those things even if i wanted too! It is all well and good saying move here, do this, change this. But how??? He doesn’t actually say how or the set backs of these ideas! People are probably watching this video and it has got a few cliffhanger music tunes, he sounds very motivational, a few edit shots. People will do it and then the reality will hit and then they will be stuck!!

Maybe it is just me thinking that?

I have lots of ideas and plans i would love to do but i simply have one thing missing, money! Do i sound vain? Or practical?

I think i need a get rich quick idea? Or win the lottery? Have to actually start playing first!!

Let me know what your thoughts are?

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