Why can’t we succeed?

Hellooo Wednesday,

person doing thumbs up
Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

Went for my 12th driving lesson today and, well i am writing this so i survived, i actually think i am getting better! Before i went i had a sudden urge to do really well and to set myself some goals and push myself to achieve them! This wasn’t just in driving. My manager at work asked if, in the future, i would like to go on a course to get an amazing qualification. It involves a lot of assignments and getting your head down. At first i was like ‘oh no, i couldn’t’ and then the more encouragement she gave me, i felt excited and that ‘you know what? I could do this’. I would have something to aim for and when i pass and get more knowledge in what i am studying. How great would i feel?

Then usually, when it is my driving lesson in the evening, all day i get incredibly anxious, and think of all the bad things that could happen. But today i thought of all the good things that could happen, and that one more lesson down is closer to the day when i am confident and good at driving!

Both my instructor and my manager gave me encouragement and told me stories that they have done within what they would like me to do, and that boosted me so much! Knowing that they have felt how i was feeling and didn’t want to do something or felt nervous. Now look at them, they are confident and great at what they do! Made me think ‘if i keep going and be determined to achieve, why can’t i succeed’?


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