Me, being British.

I went to the hairdressers on the weekend, does anyone else find this a daunting experience? Now my usual hairdresser was fully booked when i had to go, so i had another lady. This is like cheating! I walked in and could feel my usual hairdresser’s eyes burning a hole in me! And then she came over and started making a small talk, now i couldn’t say ‘ oh i would of much preferred you’ because then the actual hairdresser doing my hair would just shave my hair off! You have to keep them sweet when they’re in charge of scissors and heat appliances!

I had to go on the hottest day of the year!! With all the hair dryers, straighteners, curlers etc. It was sweltering in there! My hair is super thick , so i am in there for hours to get anything done! I had a wash, cut and blow-dry and i asked for a certain hair ‘do’. The hairdresser was doing it and after she finished, she said is this okay? ‘NOOOOOO” this is not what the picture is!!! But of course i said ‘yes, its great, thank-you’! It is such a ‘British’ thing to do isn’t it? Just the same as queueing, saying ‘sorry’ all the time. Even when you have nothing to apologise for! Or holding a door open for about a year and not one person saying thank-you, so you mutter ‘no problem’ under your breath.

We never want to make a scene, we rarely say something to offend somebody. We hold it all in, and mutter under our breath. We are a polite nation! There is one thing that we all agree on that will cure any problem, a cup of tea! So anyhoo when i finished at the hairdressers instead of tweaking my hair slightly, i did pay for it so wanted to make the most of my money! I went home sucked up my hair-do and had a cuppa! After all it cures anything!

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