Weather ☔️☀️☃️🌪

Yesterday I was led in bed listening to the rain on the window, feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday I was ill. Why do you always get ill when you’re happy in life and have plans?!

The rain however was very soothing, little pitter patter’s on the window. When you’re feeling poorly and in a down mood, you don’t want it to be sunshine and a heat wave! I would of felt even worse and felt like I should of been happy and well!

Weather has a huge impact on people’s lives, when the sun is shining, you want to go outside and enjoy it! When it’s raining and dark, you would rather be inside and watch a film.

Imagine if it was sunny everyday, how much would everybody’s mood improve? People naturally have a smile on their face!

Let’s try and be in the same mood as we are when the sun is shining 🌞

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