I feel pretty! Spoiler!!

*Spoiler alert*

Girls!! You NEED to watch ‘I feel pretty’ i went to see it last night and it is amazing! A real inspirational film. It made me feel so empowered! I think every girl feels the way she does at the beginning of the film, you see all those model looking girls who we think are ‘perfect’ and have happy lives! When actually they are just like us and our looking around thinking the same! When she is doing her hair trying to follow the video…haven’t we all done that? Well we have tried!! And i have most certainly failed!

It is a comedy with all the jokes included but deep down has a sad, real message about insecurities and anxiety. Amy Schumer portrays her character perfectly! A great mixture of funny with serious.

I cried at the end of the film! Actually had tears streaming down my face in the cinema! When she realises she has always looked the same way and achieved so much more not because of the way she looked but the way she held herself! She oozed confidence, because she felt good in herself and when she did,  no-one could tell her different.

In other words its not how people see you, its how you see yourself!!

We are all beautiful in our own way! We need to take a bit of Renee and put it in our lives!

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