Happy birthday

Some days you have bad days. Some days you have good days. Some days you have alright, i’m just plodding along, days.

Today is a hard day.

Not a bad day, nothing has gone wrong, just certain days in the year where its an anniversary or a birthday of a loved one who is no longer around.

Yeah today is one of them.

They suck.

You want to remember them but how? How can you celebrate when they’re no longer around? You go to the grave but realistically its a patch of grass. Well thats sometimes what i think. But i do feel closer there. Do you guys?

It is just a meh old day!

What is the best way of remembering someone? You write a letter, telling them how you feel, little thoughts that you’d tell them if they were here. What you would want to do with them, if they were still here. Plans that you have done recently that you know they would love to hear about. You would probably get them a daft old magnet that they would put on the pride of place on their fridge.

You just hope that some where out there, they are still celebrating their birthday!

Well i will look up at the moon tonight and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And just hope you hear me.


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