I am currently sat in a waiting room full of people waiting for blood tests. You come in and take a number and find a seat…like one big long queue! This is where you realise you’re just a number.

Looking around the room, there is all sorts of people, old, young, male, female. Some people look really poorly, some people look well. But we all have one thing in common, we are waiting!

Waiting for somebody to call our number, not know our history, and take our blood! I hate it! I feel so powerless and weak! That’s my blood your shooting down that hole! Now I’m carrying on with my day with a couple of pots less!!!

I wonder what these peoples stories are! Where are they from, I wonder why they’re having blood tests. Are they really poorly? Some people look sad, some are smiling, or at least trying to smile!

Oh got to go they’ve called me. No.36 I am known as.

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