Lesson dilemma

So just got back from my driving lesson. Did it go well?
Well it depends on what you think, am i ready to pass? No. Did i do it with no mistakes? No. Did he have to help me at some point? Yes.

But did i try? Yes.

And that is the most important thing! You have to try to learn and get better! Otherwise how else can i? I have wanted to quit so many times and i think ‘why’? It is because it is so hard and that would be the easy option.

I only had a couple of blip moments. And i felt like i never want to drive again but they’re only minor things and the more i do it the less those minor things will bother me!

The positives out way the negatives though, how good do i feel when i go over a roundabout and change the gears, etc, correctly. Or when i do a manoeuvre without needing help. I am smiling from ear to ear and then i am excited! That feeling makes me want to keep going!

I can’t wait until i can get in the car and drive without worrying about anything because ‘i know this’ ‘i know what to do’!

I will do it! Hopefully by the end of 2020!!!!!

person withe bracelets holding black steering wheel
Photo by Omar Etman on Pexels.com

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