Brighten somebody’s day

Just been for a long walk in the sunshine & was thinking… you really don’t know what is going on in people’s lives, that person you’ve just walked by could be going through the hardest thing they have ever gone through!

Or that person who didn’t say thank you or push past you quickly, may actually not be being rude, could just have something so big on their mind that they didn’t even realise!

Please make sure you smile at people, say hello. That’s it. Because that might be the only smile they see for a long time! And that little chat you have with someone whilst waiting for the bus or walking your dog. It’ll just be ‘hi, oh the weathers lovely today isn’t it’ or ‘ traffic is a night mare today, can’t wait to get home’ might mean nothing to you but everything to them. Could be the only conversation they’ve had in a long time.

You could brighten somebody’s day! Make them a little bit happier! And not so lonely!

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