I did it!


Do you ever want to get away? Just jump on that plane and say take me anywhere? As long as there is sun, sea and sand!

I have just got back from Thailand and I would recommend anyone to go there!!! The way of life is different, you really forget your troubles! I ticked off so many bucket list items:-

-zip wiring ✅ -paragliding ✅ -washing elephants ✅ -trekking with elephants ✅ -stroking tigers ✅ -jetsking ✅  and lots, lots more!

Don’t get me wrong before I did any of these things I was bricking it! Clammy hands, saying ‘no no I can’t’ ! Nearly, nearly chickened out! But then I pushed my self & made myself do them…am I glad I did?


Not only did I have fun, I also felt proud of myself for putting myself out of my comfort zone, and completing what I was so so anxious about! I was able to stand there with a big grin & say yes I did it! I pushed and pushed and it paid off!

That feeling is the best!

Sometimes in life we let our anxiety hold us back. We can’t help it, it takes over! It’s awful when you don’t do something because of it. You feel stupid, hopeless and you beat yourself up because why did you let it win?!

Lets all try and do something not every day but every week, that is hard for you but you’ve wanted to do for a while and keep putting off ! Whether it’s going to see a friend for a drink, going for a run, seeing some live music, playing a sport… anything, just so you can say at the end ‘yes, I did it, well done me’!

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