Did you do today?

What have you done today?

Some times just getting out of bed is an achievement, washing your hair, getting dressed! When you feel like you just want to hibernate and never leave your bed! It’s hard! But something in you makes you keep going…that fire and determination! So you do. Get up. Have a shower. Get dressed. Then you get to the door and see the outside world, you then want to scream ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ I’m going to cancel today please! Not today! Maybe tomorrow?

That fire though makes you leave, that feeling deep inside you that you want to keep going,  you will do today, you will do this, it’s just your anxiety that is stopping you. So you go and do your day! It may go good and you think ‘ I liked today what was I even worried about’? However some days you will do everything you need to do. Then run home to bed and hide.

That’s ok.

Well done for getting up and going to work! You done it!

Now tomorrow….

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